My first blog

I honestly don’t know what to write about in my blog.  I don’t know if I want to focus on my strong opinions on EVERY thing or if I want to blog about cooking, children, love, marriage or divorce.

I have so many different views from past experience I should probably write a book instead.  However, for the sake of the project I will stick to the topic of children.  O how I love children.  Especially ones you can get hyped up on sugar and send them back home. I mean what’s not to love about children.   They have tons of energy!  They always have something cute to say.  They always need guidance.

Children, the wonderful presence they bring to a room.  The wonderful messes that they can bring with them.  The joy of a smile from a child can always brighten up any dreary day as well as there lovely chuckles.

Would I have more?  No.  Would I want my now teenagers to be 5-9 years old again?  Absolutely not.  That’s what videos are for, pictures and other peoples kids


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