Lack of focus? Or too much stimuli?

The typical American has an attention span of 8 sec.  I ,however, believe personally mine is lower.

Its so much going on in the world today its not hard to get caught up by what my mother calls the ‘Shiny” syndrome.
Picture this, your getting ready for work putting on your make up or shaving, what ever it may be and then your favorite song comes on or you over hear something on the news that makes you shift your focus.  Or, the kids come in and they aren’t dressed maybe the dog just peed on the carpet because you forgot to take him out.

As we age, we no longer call it ADD/ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) its considered a ‘senior moment’.

An article, about lack of adult focus, states “research suggests that the majority of afflicted adults go undiagnosed. More than 8 million people, have adult ADHD, according to government data. Three-quarters aren’t being treated.” That’s a lot of us, and though we all have funny names for this, this is seriously a tragic situation.

So as some of us monetarily suffer from ‘shiny’ syndrome what will become of us in old age will we all have some form of Alzheimer’s.  Short answer. No.  The differences between the two are, a chemical imbalance in the brain and for a better lack of words goop on the brain.

Yet, with so much to aid in the ‘shiny’ era, I-Pads, I-Pods, Kindel’s, smart phones, smart t.v.’s. is it truly a disorder anymore or is it just today’s cutting edge?



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