Looks like the Cavaliers are going to get a third straight chance at the championship this year.  With the signing of Kyle Korver as SG on Jan 7, 2017.  Even though he hasn’t made much impact right away off the bench averaging 25.6 mins and 13.6 points per game he is making his presence felt.  Reigning threes from all over the court almost every time he touches the ball.  With a hand full of assist and steals he’s been adding pressure to the competing teams, that have not been able to counter as of yet. Continually helping his team mates to keep a close grip on the number one seed in the east for the playoffs.

As is the case for most players around the league, production is almost exclusively tied to their three-point shooting, Korver is the seventh player in NBA history with 2,000 career three-pointers. Other Cavilers have made that list, as well.J.R Smith at number 16 and Lebron James on the list at 27. Not to shabby for the home team!  Will the Cavilers be able to repeat the biggest win in Cleveland sports history?  Only time will tell.

NBA Table
Rank Player 3P
1. Ray Allen 2973
2. Reggie Miller* 2560
7. Kyle Korver
11. Kobe Bryant 1827
12. Stephen Curry
16. J.R. Smith
27. LeBron James
125. Kevin Love
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Generated 2/23/2017.

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