love a dying breed?

In 2017 relationships are failing drastically.  There just isn’t enough time in the schedule or to much free time and extra opportunities to cheat.
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Smart phone have made people using them very dumb.  They never can have a regular conversation its all text messages and if its not a text its a face time…but where is the real time needed to invest in making a relationship sustain the test of time?  How do we make someone know that we love them if we just text them all day?Placeholder Image

In a busy life its hard to maintain a level of respect for others when all we do is talk through some type of computer?  Women are becoming more masculine and men somewhat more feminine.  No one knows there place anymore and there are to many single parent households. Not enough people are focused on family and are only focused on themselves. Relationships are a dying bread and its hard to be a single modern day female in a world full of men who weren’t raised to take care of home and the woman takes care of you.  You know old fashioned ways.  I adjust just like new technology I keep trying in hopes that I will one day find my prince.


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