Samsung or Apple Smart Phones

I personally am an android girl but you can not just not pay attention to the newer phones coming up in 2017 from Apple and Microsoft.

Up first for debate: IPhone 7 and IPhone7 plus.   This is the very first water‑resistant iPhone to date.  With improvements on apps such as Touch ID for unlocking the device as well as Apple Pay for fast and secure bill payments.  Also, the device has dual cameras that work as one, it now has videos in 4k resolution.  The new iPhone has an optical image stabilization to reduce motion blur when making your cool videos.Edit your movie like a pro in iMovie in slo-mo video and time-lapse video.  Apple states this is the most powerful chip EVER in a smartphone 2x faster then that of iPhone 6 with the longest battery life.  Sounds like iPhone is really stepping it up in 2017.

iPhone 7

Samsung S8

Now what about Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge.  This one has improvements on durability with the unique glass like surround that is durable and smart, it also has 4k resolution, rapid charging and has improved security which is been rumored to be the most secure phone on the market with eye scanning.  S8 will have a flexible screen, forced touch to rival apples 3D touch.  As well as improvements on the camera functionality.  So not to bad for the popular android smart phone tell me what you think is the best phone on the poll or as always leave a comment below.


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